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AIM International

Mission Focus

At The Bethel we support a variety of missionary organisations and individuals both prayerfully and financially.

Each month we concentrate on a different 'Mission Focus'.

There is a freewill offering box at the rear of the main church buildng if people wish to donate to whichever mission organisation is the focus for that month.

Specific details of the work carried out by the missionary organisations can be seen on the missions noticeboard at the rear of the main church building.


Each mission symbol on this page will link you to the relevant society's website. 

However, the links you are about to follow will take you to a site not maintained or endorsed by The Bethel Church, Ramsey.

The Bethel Church, Ramsey accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or currency of information provided on external sites.


With over 100 years experience, AIM International is an evangelical, interdenominational organisation with the goal of seeing ‘Christ-centred churches among all African peoples.’

Africa Inland Mission has over 930 people working in over 20 countries in Africa, all sharing the same goal of reaching out to those who have never heard the gospel.

To date, over four million people worship in churches founded through the work of AIM and that work continues. However, we have a heart for African people, and that’s why our work isn’t restricted to the African continent but includes reaching Africans in the UK and Europe as well.


Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)

Child Evangelism Fellowship® is the world's largest mission society ministering exclusively to children. Each year C.E.F reaches over 12 million children around the world in over 180 countries.

With our unique ministries, training and teaching resources, we seek to carry out the Great Commission.

Child Evangelism Fellowship takes the truth of God's Word into the heart of Africa, through Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Through the ministries of C.E.F boys and girls have heard the Good News since 1937 with the work in Ireland beginning almost 60 years ago!

Soldiers' & Airmen's Scripture Readers Association. (SASRA)

Our Ministry is one of personal evangelism. Uniquely we are permitted, subject to Chaplain's recommendation and Commanding Officers' permission to visit soldiers and airmen in their accommodation, work and recreation areas. This is done with a view to befriending them and introducing them to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Association works by Grace, the Grace of God and the Grace of the Army and RAF Authorities who give permission for Scripture Readers to visit MoD Establishments.

Bethel Youth & Outreach.

This fund gives people within the fellowship an opportunity to give directly to the Youth and Outreach work within the church.

The Stauros Foundation seeks to minister to people who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs and to offer support to their families.

Working alongside the local church, Stauros reaches out to those in our community who are affected by addiction and seek to bring the comfort and compassion of God into their lives by pointing them to Christ.

Seamen's Christian Friend Society (SCFS)

Seafarers are strangers wherever they go.

Today well over a million men and women live in the twilight world of big shipping. It's a lonely life. They roam the world's oceans for up to 12 months at a time. They come from more than 100 different nations and speak dozens of languages. We care enough to visit them. Our team of SCFS Friends based in 40 ports around the world spend their days boarding ship after ship. A SCFS Friend brings a welcome, an offer of friendship or a chance for a sympathetic talk and news of the Christian gospel.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

We’re a dynamic Christian organisation operating more than 130 aircraft in around 25 countries in the developing world. Flying across hostile environments, we reach the world’s most isolated people. We partner with over 1,000 organisations to bring physical and spiritual care to those who need it most.


Operation Mobilisation (OM)

What Does OM Do? - Working in every region of the world and on every ocean (via an ocean-going ship), Operation Mobilisation seeks to demonstrate and proclaim the love of God. In every situation OM teams adapt to the local culture and situation, finding the best ways to share Jesus' message.

Through literature, the creative arts, friendship, Bible studies, videos and cassette tapes, correspondence courses, relief and development work, and much, much more by all means possible we will tell people how our lives have been changed and how they can meet Jesus.

Wherever possible, Operation Mobilisation works in partnership with the local church, encouraging and supporting local believers. Where there is no church we seek to plant churches.

Who Are We? - 6,100 people working in over 110 countries are serving with Operation Mobilisation to bring a message of hope to the people of the world.

We have one thing in common we love Jesus and we want others to have the opportunity to hear about Him.

Our Purpose - Operation Mobilisation works in more than 110 countries, motivating and equipping people to share God's love with people all over the world.

OM seeks to help plant and strengthen churches, especially in areas of the world where Christ is least known.

We are aware that many people in Britain have never seen a Bible and may be uncertain what it is. Our aim is to give them the opportunity to read it for themselves, perhaps for the first time, and to discover God in a personal way.
The Gideons place Bibles or New Testaments in many areas including:
Hotels, Hospitals, Prisons, Student Accommodation, Care Homes & Medical Centres.

Additionally we make personal presentations of God's Word.
Each year we present personal copies of the New Testament and Psalms to children in thousands of British secondary schools and to many university and college students.
We make personal presentations to medical personnel and uniformed services - Armed Forces, Police, Ambulance and Fire.
We place New Testaments at hospital bedsides.

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